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Chugging Through October . . .

Table of Contents

  • Conversation Starters
  • Learning Buddies
  • Writing – Watermelon Seeds
  • Science – Exploring Light and Sound
  • A Smile for You

Conversation Starters:

  • Tell me about the book – Possum Magic – that your class read this week for the Global Read Aloud.  Who were the main characters and what was the problem?  How did the main characters solve the problem in the story?  Which book did you like better: Koala Lou or Possum Magic.  Why?
  • This week, your school honored disABILIY week in many ways: reading books in the classroom, putting up ribbons around the school, wearing specific colored clothes to honor specific disabilities, and walking during recess.  Tell me about some of your favorite activities and why.  What is something you learned that was NEW to you about disabilities?

Learning Buddies: Recently, we had the opportunity to work with our fourth grade
Learning Buddies.  It is always such a wonderful experience to watch our fourth graders mentor and guide the first grade learners in our community.  When we met, we had an art project we needed to complete for the upcoming celebration for the Outdoor Learning Center.  (As a reminder, the celebration is taking place on Tuesday, October 24 at 9:00am.)  One of the activities that will take place on this day is that EACH child at Robinson will place a painted rock in our outdoor river bed so we can each make our mark in our OLC for years to come – hopefully 20+!  After reading the book, Only One You, we made a plan for our rocks with our fourth grade buddy and then traced them on the rock with marker.  Check out some of this buddy work in action – it’s awesome!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Writing – Watermelon Seeds:  One of the things that our first grade writers are working on doing is choosing a writing topic which shows a small moment story in his or her life.  This week, we worked to make sure that our stories were really about small moments, rather stories from BIG events in our lives.  In order to make this more clear in first grade, we used the analogy of a watermelon.  The watermelon represents the big moment and the seeds represent the small moments that make up the big moment.  We want first graders to focus on writing small moment stories in order to write more about the details in the story.  Some of the questions we ask as authors of small moment stories are:  Who was there?  What happened?  Where did the even take place?  Why did it happen?  Check out a few of our watermelon and seed ideas in the photos below.

Here is an example of MY watermelon and seeds. Now I have A LOT of ideas for a story!
Eva worked hard to write a story from her seed idea.
Max came up with a lot of story ideas after he made his watermelon!
Check out this awesome watermelon and a lot of story ideas!
Another watermelon with lots of story ideas!

Science – Exploring Light and Sound: We continued discovering sound this week and learned so much as we explored “sound stations” in the room.  These stations included: rubber bands on objects, musical instruments, metal water bottles, and stethoscopes.  We also had “light stations,” which included: colored lenses, mirrors, spectroscopes, and flashlights.  Your first grader learned SO MUCH about light and sound through exploration – it was such fun to talk about the things we noticed after our exploration time.  We continue to discuss these important concepts, while thinking about how sound and light can be changed and why these changes happen.

These are the rubric descriptors we are using to check our goals as scientists as we learn about light and sound.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A Smile for You:  Does this work at the end of the post?  I have no idea if this last photo makes you smile, but it ALWAYS works for me – producing both a smile on my face, as well as inside my heart.  Well . . . here is another great photo from this week.  Hope it makes you smile from the inside out!  Have a  great weekend with your first grader!





Happy October!

Table of Contents

  • Conversation Starters
  • Lego Math
  • Global Read Aloud
  • Reading – Word Work
  • A Smile for You

Conversation Starters:

  • A recent read aloud in your classroom was Jabari Jumps.  Tell me about the main character in the book and what the problem was in the story.  Where did the story take place?  How did Jabari solve his problem?
  • Your class did some work this week as you explored sound by experimenting with rubber bands and metal water bottles.  Tell me what you discovered about sound and how we hear sound in our own ears.  What has to travel through the air for us to hear sounds?

Lego Math: This past week, we continued to work on the IMPORTANT skill of using groups of 10 to count more efficiently.  We also worked on communicating our mathematical thinking – which is SO IMPORTANT for mathematicians to do on a consistent basis.  It is very difficult for first graders to understand that BOTH the answer and visible mathematical thinking are important as a mathematician – but we are working on it daily.  Since Legos are a love for many first graders, we decided to incorporate Legos into our math learning this week.  Actually, this idea came from two super-smart first grade teammates of mine, so I was very excited to use the idea in our room!  Each first grader had 10 Legos, created something with them and then needed to represent it in their math journal – so another mathematician could build their creation.  It was such good, meaty work and definitely allowed our first grade mathematicians to grow as both thinkers and learners.

Lilly worked to make her Lego creation in order to show her mathematical thinking.
Add worked to represent her Lego creation in her math journal.
Look at this smart Lego representation from Natalie!
Henry is PROUD of his Lego creation and his math thinking! 🙂
Check out this mathematical thinking . . .great work!
Another SMART Lego creation with clear mathematical thinking.

Global Read Aloud – Week 1: It was such an exciting week for many reasons, but particularly because it was the official LAUNCH of the Global Read Aloud (GRA).  This week, we had the opportunity to read Koala Lou, a sweet story about a koala bear in Australia.  Ask your first grader to tell you about the story and what Koala Lou’s mom always said to her to remind her how much she loved her.  Before reading the book, we met up with our friends in Room 111 and discussed two important things: Mem Fox (the GRA author) and Australia (where many of the books take place).  After the conversation to prepare us for the read aloud, each first grade had the opportunity to show something they learned about Mem Fox or Australia.  They are such smart learners!  Next, we FINALLY read the book (after making predictions from our sneak peeks!) and LOVED the story.  We began a project with Room 111 that will represent Koala Lou in our hallway!  You’ll have to see it next week in our blog since the work is still in-process!  In the meantime, ask your first grader about the “tree” in our hallway!

After learning about author Mem Fox (the author for the Global Read Aloud), we got to hear from author Mrs. Bearden as she read a book to us about Australia.
Adi drew a picture of the Australian flag as we learned about author Mem Fox for the Global Read Aloud.
Addison drew the things she learned about Mem Fox and Australia.

Reading – Word Work:  Our Reading Workshop is well underway and we have all of our Daily Five rotations up and running!  If you’re curious about the Daily Five, please click here to learn more about it.  One of our choices to become better readers is to do Word Work in the classroom and our first graders LOVE working on their words!  During Word Work, our readers can choose from: writing words on whiteboards, playing reading games, exploring words with cards, or making words with letter tiles or magnetic letters.  Ask your first grader which activity is his or her favorite and how it helps him or her to become a bette reader!

A Smile for You!:  We have had such a great week and thoroughly enjoyed our time learning together!  One activity our first graders love is BUILDING with blocks!  In the morning, we have an opportunity to do this and each day, our builders are VERY PROUD of their creations.  Check out a couple of photos from our builders this week and enjoy their smiles!  Thanks for reading our blog this week and have a great weekend!

Day #31 in First Grade!

Table of Contents

  • Conversation Starters
  • Classroom Jobs
  • Reading, Reading and MORE Reading!
  • MORE Counting
  • Preparing for the Global Read Aloud
  • A Smile for You

Conversation Starters:

  • Your class finished your alphabet a few weeks ago.  Where is your alphabet located?  Did you enjoy making the alphabet letter?  How did you decide what to make on your letter?  Tell me what you use the classroom alphabet for and how it is helpful for you as a reader and writer.
  • Your class recently decided to label your classroom in order to make it clearer for visitors in your room to know where things are located.  Tell me about some of the items your class decided to label.  What did you make a label for in the classroom?
  • A few things were moved around in your classroom this week!  Tell me why your class decided to move your rug and how it will help readers during teaching time on the “rainbow carpet.”  Do you like the changes?  Why or why not?

Classroom Jobs: We created a job chart as a class this week and began our new jobs on Monday.  It has been SO MUCH FUN having each first grader begin to take more and more ownership in our classroom.  Our classroom is a VERY creative bunch and we have some very important jobs to help our classroom run more smoothly.  Check out our list below and ask your first grader what his or her job was this past week.  Also, be sure to ask your first grader what other jobs he or she would like to try and why.

We brainstormed jobs during a couple of classroom discussions and here is what we came up with for our list.
Check out our finished job list and the jobs we have had this past week.

Reading, Reading, and MORE Reading!: This week has been another one in which we focus a lot on reading.  We have begun to learn some important habits as readers and have chosen to give a few a try!  Some of the habits we have discussed are: taking a sneak peek to begin thinking before we even open the book, checking our sneak peek so we can think more deeply about the text, deciding what to DO when a book is finished because good readers DO SOMETHING connected with the book when they are finished, being intentional about reading more and more in order to build reading stamina, and setting reading goals so we can stretch ourselves as readers.  Ask your first grade which reading habits he or she has tried this week and how it went!

Look at these hard-working readers!
Check out these hard-working readers!
Check out these hard-working readers!
Look at these readers trying a habit that good readers have: doing SOMETHING at the end of the book!

MORE Counting: We continued counting this week during our math time and dug a little bit deeper by noticing groups of 10 as we counted.  After each group finished counting, it was necessary to record our thinking in our math journals in order to SHOW how we counted the inventory and to be sure we were able to communicate our mathematical thinking.  In addition, we decided to record how many packs of 10 and loose ones were a part of each inventory – which stretched our thinking toward place value strategies.  Check out the rubric criteria below that we are using to guide our work since a FIRM foundation of counting is imperative to becoming a successful mathematicians.

These are two rubric descriptors that match what we are doing as we count objects during our math time.
Here is a rubric descriptors that shows what we are working toward as we communicate our mathematical thinking for other mathematicians.
Markell kept track of his math thinking as well . . . so smart!
Check out a closer look at Markel’s math thinking.
After taking inventory, groups put their data on a chart for us to explore.
Our class noticed a lot of interesting things about the chart. Mathematicians Lathan and Ky’Len taught us about what they noticed.

Preparing for the Global Read Aloud: The Global Read Aloud (GRA) is a global event (hence the name!) in which classes around the world unite over read alouds during a six-week period.  In first grade, we will read one book by author Mem Fox during each of the six weeks.  We will also do an activity or make a connection with another class outside of Robinson by using the book as the anchor.  Last year was the first year my classroom had the opportunity to participate and it was such a great experience.  This year, there was no doubt that my class would participate and we have already begun discussing this exciting event.  We are also teaming up with our neighbors in Room 111 to send off 50 postcards to schools around the country who are participating in the GRA – just another way to make a connection.  Stay tuned to hear more from your first grader (and probably, me!) about the GRA over the coming weeks.

We watched a short video introducing us to the Global Read Aloud, which begins next week.
Look at this collection of tiles that tell something about each first grader!
Check out the finished product that we will mail to 50 of the classes participating in the Global Read Aloud.

A Smile for You: Here is your EXTRA smile this week . . . after all of the others from above.  We have READERS in our room and it is proven multiple times throughout the week by the way that these first graders read!  It is amazing and so much fun to watch.  This week, I captured a photo of two of our readers, Anthony and Addison, as they read to our class.  It is so much fun watching kids teach one another and it makes my heart so happy.  I hope you enjoy the photos as well.  Have a nice weekend and thanks for visiting our blog this week!

The Bike Rodeo and MORE!

Table of Contents

  • Conversation Starters
  • Bike Rodeo
  • Learning Buddies
  • Math: Counting Investigation
  • Handwriting Practice
  • Narrative Writing
  • A Smile for You

Conversation Starters:

  • Your class practiced THREE rounds during your Reading Workshop this week: Read to Self, Work on Writing, Reading to Someone, and Listening to Reading.    What do you do during the rounds of Reading Workshop?  What are the expected behaviors for students and teachers during these times?  Which did you enjoy choosing first and why?
  • Your class has the privilege to have a visiting Kirkwood High School student each Wednesday for the next couple of months.  Tell me about the visiting student, George, and what he does when he comes to visit.  What have you learned about George so far?  What do you want to learn about him when he comes next week?

Bike Rodeo: This week was the infamous BIKE RODEO at Robinson!  It was such a great opportunity for each student to ride their bike and learn how to be a better cyclist.  Many adults helped to put this event on, including several parents from our classroom – thank you!  MANY students even took off their training wheels for the first time!  Most importantly, the Rodeo is another opportunity to build community at Robinson and of course, HAVE FUN!  Check out a few photos of some athletic first graders from the Bike Rode.

Math: Counting Investigation:  During our math time, we read a story about a family who was terribly disorganized – EEK!  In the family, a boy named Nicholas decided to organize things in his house by taking inventory and counting things.  We decided that we would do the same thing with our classroom, to make sure we knew how much stuff we had in our room.  Boy!  This is a TOUGH job!  We are currently in the midst of this job, so it’s not finished yet.  Below you can see some of the strategies our first graders used to count objects.  It will be interesting to see where this work goes!  Stay tuned to hear more about these amazing mathematicians!

As we counted, we showed our work in our math journals, too. Here is the poster we used as a guide to show our math thinking.

Learning Buddies: We had the chance to visit our fourth grade learning buddies this week!  We have only met with them one other time – to prepare for the book fair a couple of weeks back.  Today, we did a name activity – somewhat similar to Boggle.  You can see the sheet we used below.  It was a great chance for our fourth grade students to mentor our first graders by helping them make positive choices and to learn to become better readers and writers.  We will continue to meet with our fourth grade buddies throughout the year.

Handwriting Practice: As you know, we have been practicing our handwriting A LOT lately.  The more efficient we become with our handwriting, the better writers we can become.  Just consider the brain work it takes to think through how to make a letter, which way the lines need to go and if it is tall or small!  That can be exhausting!  Many of our kiddos need to think through that for EACH letter.  As our first graders become more automatic with their handwriting skills, EVERYTHING seems to become much, much easier.  Check out the fun way we practiced handwriting this week.  We will continue to work on our handwriting skills over the coming weeks and months.

Narrative Writing: Speaking of writing, we practiced writing a small moment piece during our Writing Workshop this week.  This piece (written during one day) is for Mrs. Bearden and I to use in order to assess where the children currently are as writers, and for us to see what opportunities there are to guide them into becoming better writers.  It is so exciting reading these first pieces because it gives us such a valuable snapshot into our students as writers.  Ask your first grader what he or she wrote about during this time.  And . . . check out a few of our first grader authors below.

This was the guide for our conversation to prep the kiddos to begin writing a narrative piece.

A Smile for You: These kiddos are so much fun and it is a privilege to spend time with them each day!  This week, there were many, many moments I could have posted to make you smile – in addition to the photos above.  I chose the one below because it shows one of our mathematicians, Adi, leading us through some work during our math workshop earlier this week.  We did an investigation together and she helped us to count out the answer together.  I LOVE when kids are teaching kids as so much is learned in these moment.  I hope this photo from our day makes you smile.  Thanks for visiting our blog and have a fantastic weekend!

Check out how PROUD Adi is to lead us in solving a math problem one day this past week – yay!

Dot Day . . . and MUCH MORE!

Table of Contents

  • Conversation Starters
  • Math Rotations
  • Name Practice
  • Our Alphabet
  • Dot Day: Making Our Mark with DOTS
  • Dot Day: Math with DOTS
  • Dot Day: DOT Games
  • A Smile for You

Conversation Starters:

  • Your class practiced two rounds during your Reading Workshop this week: Read to Self and Work on Writing.    What do you do during the rounds of Reading Workshop?  What are the expected behaviors for students and teachers during these times?  Which did you enjoy choosing first and why?
  • Your class practiced and timed saying the alphabet QUICKLY during your Morning Meeting this week.  Since there were only 18 kids in the room when you were planning to say the alphabet, how did you problem solve as a class to say the alphabet?  How fast did your class say the alphabet?
  • During your library visit this week, Mrs. Davis read your class a book that has been nominated for the Show Me Award, Marilyn’s Monster.  Tell me about the book and what happened during the read aloud.

Math Rotations: We practiced having math rotations for the first time this week and it was wonderful.  The goal of our rotations were to provide a variety of ways for each student to work on both counting and adding.  Mrs. Bearden and I chose to provide six learning opportunities for the kids to become stronger mathematicians.  Math rotations are one way to provide kids the chance to work in small groups, while also practicing a skill in numerous ways – such as counting and adding.  The rotations took place over 2 days, and each first grader completed 3 rotations each day.  Ask your first grader which was his or her favorite rotation an why.

This is the flipchart we used to guide us during our two days of math rotations. The student names are “hidden” behind the white rectangles! 🙂
Alonso is making numbers with Play-Doh.
Addison and Sutton played a stacking game to work on logical-mathematical skills.
Anthony practiced counting objects using one to one correspondence.

Name Practice:  As you know, we have worked a lot on learning one another’s names since the beginning of school.  For the MOST part, many of the kids are getting the hang of knowing one another’s names in both Room 112 and Room 111. That means there are 39 other names to learn!  While we will continue to work on building community and learning the names of other students, we took some time this week to practice recognizing, making and writing our own names.  We did this in four specific ways: using Play-Doh to make our names, using our finger to trace our names on Play-Doh, writing our names with pencil and paper, and making our names on our iPads in Notability.  That’s a lot of NAME WORK!  We will continue working on our names and making sure we are using our BEST handwriting so others can recognize our names on our incredible work.

Our Alphabet:  We read numerous alphabet books this week and decided it was time to create our OWN alphabet to hang in our classroom so we could use it to both read and write our letters correctly.  After reading the books and talking about letter sounds, each kiddo had a chance to make one (or more!) of the pictures out of construction  paper for our own alphabet.   But . . . there was one rule – no scissors!   Children were only allowed to tear construction paper with their fingers.  As you may know, tearing construction paper into tiny pieces for activities such as this, helps to strengthen the fine motor skills of our first graders.  Strong fine motor skills will help with many tasks this year, such as handwriting.  While I don’t have a finished picture of our alphabet below (sorry!), you will be able to see some of the AMAZING work that took place in creating our classroom alphabet.

Check out many of our finished products!

Dot Day: Making Our Mark with DOTS:  As you already know from your first grader, we celebrated a VERY important day this past week – Dot Day.  For a reminder about this awesome day that encourages children to make a mark on their world, click here.  To begin the day, we gathered in Room 111 and listened to a video read aloud from the author, Peter Reynolds, read the book, The Dot, to us.  After understanding what the day was all about, we sang a song based on the book by Emily Arrow.  Next, we went back to our classroom to create some artwork so we could show how we can make OUR MARK on the world.  Check out some of our amazing work below.

We listened to Peter Reynolds read his own book, The Dot, to us!
Next, we sang a song about The Dot together!

Dot Day: Math with DOTS:  Ater a morning of making our “mark” with artwork, we NEEDED to do math work with DOTS.  So . . . we brought out the Skittles and did some work with sorting and data analysis.  It is amazing how much you can learn from candy!  It was was definitely an engaging activity for every mathematician in the room!  Plus, we got to eat our Skittles after the hard work. 🙂

Dot Day: DOT Games: Our special day of dots ended with a few games – that only had dots, of course. 🙂  Some of the games we chose from were: Connect Four, Twister, and Checkers.  What a fun way to end the day by building community with friends and learning how to use kind words and work with one another as we played our dot games.  Check out the fun we had in the photos below.

A Smile for You:  At the end of the busy week, we had a very special visitor come to our classroom, Mrs. Ford.  As you may know, Mrs. Ford was a teacher at Robinson many years back and has been an integral part of the success of Kirkwood School District over the years.  We had the privilege to listen to the  The Dot for the second time that day because we ALL know that books are treasures that can be enjoyed time and time again.  It was so much fun to have Mrs. Ford come and each first grader LOVED having a guest reader in our classroom.  Thanks for reading our blog this week!

We had a special visitor, Mrs. Ford, come and read The Dot to us on Dot Day. Mrs. Ford has made her “mark” in my life and Mrs. Bearden’s life in MANY special ways, so we wanted to have her share with our students and let them know about making a “mark” for us.

Happy September!

Table of Contents

  • Conversation Starters
  • Making Book Bags
  • Marshmallow Challenge
  • Nature Numbers
  • A Smile for You

Conversation Starters:

  • Tell me what your class did with your birthdays this week.  (Families – there is a photo on the right to show you our work.) What did you notice about the birthdays of your friends in class when you put them on a chart?  Are there birthdays during each month of the year?  Which number month is your birthday?
  • Your class talked about your favorite part of first grade so far and you made it to put out in the hallway.  Tell me what you created or drew and what it was your favorite.

Making Book Bags: Last week, each first grade had the opportunity to make a book bag out of a t-shirt.  I had the privilege to do this activity with my first grade readers last year and it was so much fun, we decided to give it a go this year as well.  The GOAL of having a book bag is to have an easy way to transport books back and forth to school with the expectation that kids are READING the books at home.  After the first week, we have been transporting books back and forth in our bags and hope for it to continue over the coming weeks and months.

Marshmallow Challenge: We continued to work on building our learning community this week and did so in various ways.  One way included a challenge that used marshmallows, spaghetti noodles, string, and tape!  What?!?!  Yep . . . it seems a little kooky, but it is SO MUCH fun and a great challenge for our kiddos as they work together as a team.  Check out the instructions below and a few photos as we created our tower.

We used this flipchart to learn about our goal and discuss strategies we might use.
After we did our marshmallow challenge, we discussed what we noticed during the experience.

Nature Numbers: With beautiful fall weather outside this week, we just HAD to go outside and do some learning!  We decided to make our numbers out of items from nature and take a picture with our iPads.  It was such an engaging activity for everyone involved!  The first grade mathematicians in our room were SO creative with the ways they created their numbers.  It was so much fun to watch as each kiddo create his or her numbers.

A Smile for You: Here is the last photo for you this week to make you smile.  As you know, we have Choice Time in the morning.  During this time, one activity children enjoy taking part in are puzzles.  Max and Markell discovered a puzzle we hadn’t used yet and decided to give it a try.  The photo below shows how proud these two boys were after they completed their puzzle.  Check out it . . . and SMILE!  Have a great weekend and thanks for visiting our blog this week!

LOVE the smiles on the faces of these two boys as they proudly show off their creation!


Happy 12th Day of School!

Have you had as great of a week as we have?  I sure hope so!  Your first grader has been busy during this last week of school with many community building activities and creative learning opportunities.  It has been so much fun to hang out and learn together.  Thank you for taking the time to read our blog this week.  Enjoy!

  • Conversation Starters
  • Our Book Museum
  • Robinson’s Food Pantry
  • Creating with Boxes
  • Nature Scavenger Hunt
  • Welcome iPads!
  • David’s Drawings
  • A Smile for You!

Conversation Starters:

  • You visited the library this week and our Robinson Librarian, Mrs. Davis, read your class a book before checking out.  Tell me about the book, Last Stop on Market Street, and how it helped you to remember to be kind to others and help them.
  • Your class has been working hard on learning the names of all of the  students in your classroom.  Tell me how you have been learning the names and whose names you remember.  Are there any new friends you have made while your class has been working to get to know one another’s names?  What can I do to help you learn the names of your first grader friends?

Our Book Museum: Last week, we brought in a favorite book.  This allowed us to share our favorite part and put the books on display for others to see and learn from.  Our “Book Museum” was viewed by first graders in our classroom and Mrs. Bearden’s classroom and it was AMAZING.  We also had the opportunity to take a photo of each first grader with his or her favorite book and now have the photos posted on our classroom book boxes.

Robinson’s Food Pantry: Last Friday, our class helped out with sorting foods for the Robinson Food Pantry.   About once a month,  Robinson holds a Food Pantry evening for any families in our community who would like to shop for needed items.  We have many families shopping each month, which shows how helpful it is for our Robinson family.  Included in our pantry are items such as soup, pastas, meat, vegetables, fruit, toiletries, and more.   Our class helped to collect all of the items donated to our counselor, take the items downstairs to the pantry and sort them appropriately for our shoppers.  It was a BIG job that was VERY helpful!

Look at these hard workers bringing items down to the Robinson Food Pantry.
We brought items down to the food pantry to sort.
Check out these hard workers carrying items down to our food pantry.

Creating with Boxes: We did some creative work this week after reading a book about boxes.  What?!?!  A book about boxes?!?  While that might sound EXTREMELY boring, it really was not at all!  After reading the book, each first grader had the opportunity to choose a box in the room and begin to CREATE anything he or she wanted with the box!  There were big boxes, small boxes, GIANT boxes and medium boxes.  It was so much fun watching each child choose his or her box and begin to create something out of it.  Check out the photos below to see some of our creative thinkers!

We reflected on our actions after our work with boxes.

Nature Scavenger Hunt: Since it’s so beautiful outside, we decided to do some work outside by HUNTING for some treasures in nature.  It was so much fun and we had a great chance to build community in our work group by making sure we shared the work together and found items as a team.  Check out our photos below.

Here was one of our scavenger hunt sheets.
After “hunting,” we shared our findings with one another.

Welcome iPads: Our highly anticipated iPads arrived in our classroom this week.  I am sure you have heard that, right?!?  I’m not sure if I need to say much more than that – yet. 🙂 Just know that your first grader was VERY EXCITED and we had an opportunity to explore before doing an important assessment together.  You will hear more as the days go by, but we will do some exciting learning on our iPads this year!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

David’s Drawings: Another book that we read this week is called David’s Drawings.   In this book, a boy named David sees a bare tree out in nature and decided its beautiful.  Next, he begins to draw the tree at school and his friends begin to help him by adding onto his drawing and ultimately, turn it into a wonderful work of art.  We did the SAME THING in our classroom and it was so much fun.  The activity allowed the students to use their kind words and really be intentional about cooperating with others and working together.  Check out their awesome teamwork below and their finished products!

A Smile for You!:  Thanks for sticking around for this SUPER LONG post and reading all the way to the end.  You should get an award!  As always, hoping to leave you with a smile is my goal and I bet this photo will do it for you.  Thanks for visiting our blog this week.  Have an incredible weekend.

Whoa . . . check out this AWESOME block creation!