EEK – 4!

Yep . . . the end is NEAR. The days just keep cruising by and now we find ourselves with only four days left of first grade.  I suppose now is the time to embrace it and instead of pouting about missing these lovely students – to soak in the fun and good times we have together during the last days of school.  Thank you for being a faithful follower of our blog each week.  I hope you have enjoyed reading what we have been doing as much as we have enjoyed doing it! 🙂  Read on to learn what we did over the past week.

Table of Contents

  • Conversation Starters
  • Making Nests
  • National Nursing Home Week
  • Fifth Grade Live Museum
  • Kids Teaching Kids
  • A Smile for You

Conversation Starters:

  • Your class read several books by author Kevin Henkes this week.  Some of the books you read are pictured on the right.  What kind of characters does Kevin Henkes put into his books?  Why do you think he has chosen these characters?  Which book has been your favorite so far?  Please retell the story to me by including the character, setting, problem and solution.  Which book looks interesting to you as a next book to read?
  • Your school has two teachers retiring at the end of this year – Mrs. Meihaus and Mrs. Moffitt.  You wrote a note to one of the teachers last week that they will receive at their upcoming retirement celebration.  Tell me who you wrote to and what you told them you were thankful for that they did for you as your teacher.  What will you miss most about the other teacher you did not get an opportunity to write a note?

Making Nests:  As you know, we worked hard last week on planning for our bird nests.  At the end of the week, we had the opportunity to both go out and collect our materials as well as build our nests.  You have surely seen some photos of your first grader’s nest on Seesaw, right?  Hopefully, you were able to learn about the choices your first grader made in regards to the structures (materials) chosen and the function of each.  If not, ask your first grader to share his or her thinking with you.  Check out some of the photos from the nest-building process.  You are sure to find that they are quite spectacular!


Look at this EXCITED bunch of scientists ready to go outside!
Davion and Julia collected grass for their nests.
Autymn collected materials for her nest.
We are NOT afraid of mud!
It is so fun being a scientist!
More scientists looking in the mud! Yay!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

National Nursing Home Week: By having Aberdeen Heights as our next door neighbors at school, we have developed a wonderful relationship with the residents.  One of the lovely parts of being neighbors is that we had the opportunity to celebrate the kickoff of National Nursing Home Week on Monday by making cards for the residents and visiting their petting zoo.  It is always so much fun witnessing varying ages of citizens in our community coming together.  Check out a few of our photos below!

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Fifth Grade Live Museum: The fifth grade students at Robinson are such a positive role model for our primary students. We are quite fortunate to have these kiddos to teach our first graders about what it truly means to be a Robinson Roadrunner.  One example of this took place this past week when each fifth grader took on the role of a famous person from history.  After taking on the role of the person, the fifth graders hosted a live museum in which first graders were able to listen to the person speak about his or her life and teach us about their important achievements.  It was great having the chance for our first graders to interact with the fifth grade students in this way – Robinson truly is a magnificent learning community.

Kids Teaching Kids: We have continued to chug through our Kids Teaching Kids projects with the last few taking place over the coming days.  Each presentation is unique and shows the personality of each student by the way they share with us and teach us.  We have learned so much from one other!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A Smile for You: We began talking about a day in which we could celebrate our positive choices this year and stumbled upon A LOT of possibilities during our conversation.  As you might imagine, first graders want to do MANY things for a celebration and the options seem limitless.  After having a class meeting, we found that the most prevalent suggestions were among 6 options (listed below).  In order to be fair, we chose to vote for the two most popular options.  One of the choices ended up in a tie, so we needed to have a second vote!  Check out the results of our vote below and enjoy imagining what each one of these days MIGHT look like in first grade!  That will surely make you smile. 🙂  Thank you again for visiting – and reading – our blog this week.

Check out our democratic process – in action – to decide which 2 events will take place in our classroom next Tuesday.

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