NOT Wanting to Count Down!

As you might imagine, this is the time of year when people ask me how many days are left of school.  Well . . . I don’t want to count down!  We are having so much fun learning and exploring together that we (well, maybe it’s just me?!?) don’t want it to end!  I guess I don’t have a choice in the matter though because you probably have some summer plans that would be interrupted by me wanting to have school for a bit longer.  So . . . I’ll just keep soaking in the fun we are having together and you just keep sending your fabulous first grader to school each day.  Deal?  I hope so.  Thanks for visiting our blog this week – enjoy learning what we have been doing recently.

Table of Contents

  • Conversation Starters
  • ACES Day
  • Telling Time
  • Planning for Bird Nests
  • Kids Teaching Kids
  • A Smile for You

Conversation Starters:

  • Your class read a book this week – The Case of the Stinky Stench – that was the second part of a book you had read earlier in the year – Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast.  Tell me about the setting in each of these books and how you know this to be true.  In the new book you read this week, what was the cause of the stinky stench?  How did the characters solve the problem in the story?
  • Tell me what the best part of your day is in first grade each day.  Do you enjoy activities in the morning or afternoon best?  What is the most challenging for you during the day in first grade?  Does this challenge help you grow and become a better person?  Why or why not?

ACES Day: We celebrated yet another successful ACES Day this year and of course, it was such fun! We learned from the fifth grader dancers over the past couple of months and Robinson kids were really able to show off their dance moves when we all met together on Wednesday morning.  Ask your first grader which dance was his or her favorite and why.  We had such fun as a Robinson family and enjoyed our time outside together.

Check out our fifth grade leaders – as well as many parents!

Telling Time: We have continued to work on telling time this week by doing various activities to strengthen this skill.  We have explored clocks and how the hour hand moves, practiced making times on clocks, practiced reading times on clocks, did a Kahoot together, and watched some short videos about time.  As you know, time is a tricky concept but we making progress.  Continue to work with your first grader on telling time to the hour and half hour.  If you’d like to stretch a little further, you can even work on telling time to 5 minute increments and then the 1 minute increments.

Here is an example of clock work our kiddos have done to practice their skills of telling time.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Planning for Bird Nests: We watched some AMAZING videos this week which allowed us to observe birds making nests.  As a class, we began talking about how the birds built the nests and what function each structure (material) of the nest served.  Next, we decided to try to make our own nests!  Each student has come up with a plan for their nest and tomorrow we will take off into the Robinson Woods to collect materials for our nests. The intention with this project is for kids to notice the structures of birds (beaks, body shape, ability to fly, etc.) and nests and how each is connected to a specific function.  We will then expand this conversation into noticing structure and function in other areas of our lives.  Check out some of our thinking below.

This is one of the rubric descriptors we are using as we explore animals and objects in nature.
We discussed structure and function of nests after watching some videos of birds building nests.
Check out the nest planning by this first grade scientist!
Check out the nest planning by this first grade scientist!
Check out the nest planning by this first grade scientist!

Kids Teaching Kids: We are rounding out another great week of Kids Teach Kids!  This week, we learned how to play a new game, how to do back walkovers, how to make fire and how to do a magic trick!  If you’d like to see an iMovie trailer for the magic trick, please click here.   It’s hard to believe we are ending our second round of Kids Teach Kids very soon!  As you can see, we just keep learning from one another!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A Smile for You: This week’s photo to make you smile includes a problem that was created for our morning easel work.  Just so you know, each morning we have a question or problem on the easel that each first grader is expected to answer.  Often the easel includes a math problem related to what we are currently learning, yet other items there are questions or wonderings connected with other topics of conversation.  At this point in the year, first graders take A LOT of ownership in the classroom – which is lovely – including with our easel problem!  Below, you will see one of our easel problems from this week, which is very sweet because I can only imagine the conversation that took place prior to finalizing the numbers in the problem.  Enjoy the photo and have an AMAZING weekend!  Thanks for visiting our blog this week.

This was one of our easel problems one morning this week – clearly created by a first grade mathematician.


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