Um . . . it’s May!

We are entering into the last weeks of school, which is C-R-A-Z-Y!  I apologize that I seem to begin each post talking about how quickly the days and weeks keep going by . . . but they really do!  This past week we did so much there was hardly a time to take a breath!  Mostly though because it was so fun, if you ask me!  From exploring tadpoles to discovering GarageBand to virtually visiting a dinosaur museum and a Kenyan farm, we were definitely doing a lot – and traveling A LOT of virtual miles!  By the way . . . ask your first grader about our GarageBand experience and how this app is going to support us to become better readers by working on our fluency and retelling stories.  As always, thanks for visiting our blog this week.

Table of Contents

  • Conversation Starters
  • Reading Sound Searches
  • Life Cycles of Frogs
  • Virtual Field Trips
  • Kids Teaching Kids
  • A Smile for You

Conversation Starters:

  • Dai’jon and Amora suggested a new book series for your class to read about a dog named Martha – who can speak!  What do you enjoy about the Martha book series?  How did Martha begin speaking?  What happened to Martha’s words when the factory made some changes to save money?  Would you like to read more of these books?  Why or why not?
  • During your library visit this week, Mrs Meihaus read some poems to your class and talked to you about entering into something called the Pine Tree Poetry contest.  What did you learn about the contest?  Do you plan to enter a poem in the contest?  Mrs. Meihaus reminded you that poems are due Wednesday, May 10 if you are interested in submitting a poem.

Reading Sound Searches: We recently went on some scavenger hunts in our own room to think about, listen to and look for blends.  Remember, blends are when two or three consonants are together in a word and each consonant makes a distinct sound such as “gr” or “dr.”  Identifying blends and being able to read them accurately builds a stronger foundation for readers.  In order to become better readers, we decided to look around and take some pictures the represented various blends.  This was a lot of fun for our first graders and could be something you might do easily at home.  Check out a couple of our examples below.

This is the guide we use for phonological awareness for our readers. We focused on blends this past week.
Check out the work this reader did with blends.
Check out the work this reader did with blends.

Life Cycles of Frogs:  We had the privilege of seeing some live tadpoles this past week when Julia brought in her very own “pets” for us to discover.  After observing the tadpoles in the morning, discussing our observations and wonderings, and watching a short video about the life cycle of a frog it was time to create our own life cycle.  Scientists were encouraged to show their thinking however they preferred: iPad, drawing, building, and so on.  You can see a few of the photos of our creations below.  If you’d like to hear some short videos of our builders, click here, here or here.  

Look at the tadpoles that Julia shared with us last week!
Connor worked to build a frog’s life cycle with Legos.
This scientist represented the life cycle of a frog on paper.
Jack showed the frog’s life cycle with blocks.
Here is Jack’s finished life cycle for a frog.
Allyson worked to create a life cycle of a frog.

Virtual Field Trips:  We had great fortune this past week and had the opportunity to visit some amazing places via Skype!  We visited Wyoming and Kenya to learn about dinosaurs and farming, respectively.  If you are interested in WATCHING our Kenyan Skype in it’s entirety, please click here to join us!  We also spent time at Wyoming Dinosaur Center  and learned LOADS about dinosaurs.  If you’d like to learn more about the Center, click here.  While virtual field trips are fun, they also provide students opportunities to “visit” locations they in both our country and world that might not happen otherwise.  As you can tell, we LOVE meaningful, virtual field trips!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Kids Teaching Kids: We had another great week having our kids teach one another.  We learned two new games, learned about toys, and learned how to do a back walkover!  There is never a dull moment in our room . . . can you tell?!? 🙂  Enjoy the photos below of our Kids Teaching Kids!

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This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A Smile for You: With so many options of fun things happening in our room (in my opinion!), there were several options of photos to make you smile this week.  However, the one below took the cake because we were ALL engaged and enjoying the surprise item that was brought to our room during a parent visit!  Check out the photo below, smile, and have a great week!  Thanks again for visiting our blog.

We had the privilege to have Myles’ mom and dad visit us last week and teach us about electricity – with an ACTUAL stoplight!

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