We LOVE Mrs. Mimlitz!

We are ending this week on a slightly sad note.  Mrs. Mimlitz, our AMAZING and INCREDIBLE teaching assistant, is leaving Robinson – sniff, sniff.  The first grade team and students are celebrating on her last day with a few surprises to let her know how much she means to us.  We also learned about a book challenge this week from Mrs. Meihaus, our librarian.  She talked to us about Reading Without Walls, an adventure we can each take part in as readers.  As always, thank you for visiting our blog this week.  Read on to see what else we have been up to in first grade!

Table of Contents

  • Conversation Starters
  • Poem in your Pocket Day
  • Data Collection
  • Continuing Realistic Fiction Writing
  • Kids Teaching Kids
  • A Smile for You

Conversation Starters:

  • Your class read a book this week called Grandfather Buffalo.  After reading this book, your class discussed your thoughts about the author’s message.  Tell me your thinking about why the author wrote the story and what other students thought.
  • Tell me what your group did this week when you had time  to work on your Africa project.  Why has it taken so long for your class to finish your Africa projects?  Who are you going to be teaching about Africa?
  • When you visited the library this week, you had an opportunity to meet the librarian who will be replacing Mrs. Meihaus when she retires this year.  Tell me what you remember about Mrs. Davis during your time with her.

Poem in your Pocket Day: This past Monday, Robinson celebrate Poem in Your Pocket Day with the rest of the nation.  For over 15 years, this day has been celebrated in order to create awareness for poetry and allow individuals to share their favorite poems with others.  If you’d like to learn a little more about this special day, please click here.  Our class celebrated this day with our librarian, Mrs. Meihaus.  Mrs. Meihaus introduced our class to acrostic poetry and each first grader had the opportunity to write his or her own poem.  Check out some of the photos from our visit to the library below.

Mrs. Meihaus introduced us to acrostic poetry before we had an opportunity to write our own.
Poets worked to come up with their own acrostic poems.
Poets worked to come up with their own acrostic poems.
Poets worked to come up with their own acrostic poems.
A few poets shared their acrostic poems with the rest of our authors.

Data Collection: We continued working with data this week and worked on representing information in various ways – bar charts, tally charts or pictographs.  We used some very familiar data – our daily lunch choices – as well as some sports data – winning statistics for various teams.  Next week, we will continue to work with data while beginning to integrate skills related to telling time.

Dai’jon represented data about his favorite baseball teams.
Autymn collected data about our lunch choices from the day.
Addie represented data about our lunch choices.
Jack represented data about the wins from come hockey teams.
Check out the math work this student did to represent data about baseball teams.

Continuing Realistic Fiction Writing: We kept working on realistic fiction stories this week and learned some new skills we are trying to implement into our writing pieces.  We discussed skills such as: clearly explaining the problem, getting characters out of trouble with action, dialogue or feelings, adding speech bubbles to illustrations, and writing a beginning that includes action, dialogue or feelings.  Ask your first grader about how his or her writing is coming along and how many books he or she has written.

Authors reviewed their writing in order to add onto their fiction stories.

Kids Teaching Kids: We learned SO MUCH during our Kids Teach Kids presentations this week.  It was quite fun!  Ask your first grader what he or she learned during our presentations and what we did to TRY everything we learned.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A Smile for You: While we learned and worked together this week, we still managed to fit in some time to work on our Africa projects.  We have some great work coming along – cardboard models, paper cache creations, iMovie trailers, Keynote presentations, and books.   During our work afternoon, I was able to take a photo of some of our workers – who were both MESSY and PRODUCTIVE. 🙂  Check out the photo below and you will definitely smile.  Thanks for visiting our blog this week – have an amazing weekend!

Check out these hard workers trying to make a paper mache giraffe!


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