It’s ALREADY Thursday – again!

It has been ANOTHER busy week in first grade!  Not only did we take a walking field trip to The Magic House – see more below – but we continued to work on becoming better readers by retelling stories (among other skills).  We also began to set goals each day, while also continuing to measure our bodies in order to strengthen our measuring skills.  Thank you for visiting our blog this week – keep reading to see what we have been up to lately.  Enjoy!

Table of Contents

  • Conversation Starters
  • Magic House Field Trip
  • MORE Story Retelling
  • Coding with Kodable
  • A Smile for You

Conversation Starters:

  • Your class heard a book this week called The Legend of Rock, Paper, Scissors.  Tell me what you learned in the book and how the game got started.
  • You class began setting daily goals together.  Tell me about some of the goals you decided upon as a class and if you met them.  Why do you think your teacher suggested that your class might want to set goals together?
  • You had the opportunity to hear some new words this week – in Spanish!  Which words do you remember that you heard?  Do you remember any numbers or color words?  What is the name of your color group?

Magic House Field Trip: As you have heard (I am sure!) we had an amazing time during The Magic House field trip.  We had beautiful weather for our walk and were able to eat lunch outside in the pavilion.  We had an opportunity to explore the original part of The Magic House and had such a great time learning about electricity, magnetism, shadows, and more!  We also had the chance to go down the BIG slide – which EACH first grader chose to do – of course.  Check out a few of the photos below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

MORE Story Retelling: Since reading is a vital skill for each first grader, we work strengthening our reading skills on a daily basis in our room.  Recently, we have been talking about the adventures readers take when they read books and what they need to do in order to remember the stories they read.  We know that readers take “sneak peeks,” keep track of where and when, and make predictions.  We are continuing to practice the art of retelling stories – another essential skill for readers.  Retelling is TOUGH for many children because it is difficult to determining what is most important to share in a story.  As we worked together this past week, we used sticky notes to remember important parts in a story and even labeled the sticky notes to find specific bits of information: characters, setting, problem, solution, and an additional detail.  Next, each first grader worked with his or her own partner to create a visual to share their retelling – either with iMovie or Keynote.  Ask your first grader what he or she chose to retell his or her story.  Feel free to click here to see one of our iMovies that was created to retell a book.

This poster has been used as a guide while we work to become better readers.
Myles and Amora did a sneak peek and read their book together.
Kai and Harlow did a sneak peek and read their book together.
Connor and Autymn did a sneak peek and read their book together.
Cal and Allyson did a sneak peek and read their book together.
Ava and Jack did a sneak peek and read their book together.
Edie and Duncan did a sneak peek and read their book together.
Zach and Beckett did a sneak peek and read their book together.

Coding with Kodable: Last week, we had the opportunity to do some more coding in our classroom.  On our half day of school last week, EACH first grader had a chance to explore a new app – Kodable.  If you’d like to learn more about Kodable, feel free to click here.  You may have noticed this year that we have done quite a bit of learning about coding as first graders.  While this is a newer skill for many adults, we find that the impact of learning coding skills has been quite positive for our students.  Coding skills allow children to deepen their directional skills and understand multi-step processes with more clarity.

Look at these first graders exploring Kodable for the first time!
Look at these first grader exploring Kodable for the first time!

A Smile for You: As we were ready to begin our adventure at The Magic House, we needed to listen to some safety directions and rules first.  Next, we had an opportunity to ask some questions and then begin to explore and PLAY!  I love the photo below because the kids were SO excited to just GO but they waited so patiently and respectfully while they listened first!  Thanks for visiting our blog this week – have a great weekend.

Check out these amazing listeners before their field trip – they were SO excited!


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