It’s OFFICIALLY Fourth Quarter!

Hello!  Welcome to fourth quarter of first grade!  We are having a blast in our room and continue to enjoy working and learning together each day.  For example, we were gifted some army people this week and have LOVED imagining with them during our morning Choice Time!  (Check the army people out on the right!)  Additionally, we have been exploring reading strategies, beginning to explore measuring in math, discovering plants together and so much more!    Thanks for visiting our blog this week!  Read on to see and learn what we have been up to lately.

Table of Contents

  • Conversation Starters
  • Me Collages
  • Pringles in Math
  • Booksnaps
  • Measuring
  • Hip Hop Dancer
  • A Smile for You

Conversation Starters:

  • Your class read and discussed a book called The Water Princess.  Tell me what you learned about clean water for many people around the world.  What did your class decide they want to try and do in order to help others who don’t have access to clean water like we do?
  • Your class has been working on taking adventures with books by talking about strategies good readers use.  Teach me how to take a sneak peek,
  • We did some problem solving this week around our Reading Workshop and using grit.  Tell me some of the solutions your class suggested and which you chose to try.  How is the solution working for you and others in your class?

Me Collages: As we returned from a week off of school, we began with some read alouds and an activity connected with thinking about who we are and what we want others to know about us.  As a class, we decided to make collages that teach others about us!  These are taking a bit of time, as they are very detailed.  However, it is so much fun finding pictures that show who we are! Additionally, this activity is going to prepare us for an upcoming writing task we have chosen to do, writing an “I Am” book about ourselves.  Always fun things happening in our room, huh?

Addie worked to create her collage that shows things that describes her.
Look at this bunch of kiddos working on their collages!
Dai’jon worked on his collage.


Pringles in Math: We decided to return to working on addition skills by watching a video of someone build something called a “Pringle Ringle.”  After watching the video, we decided to find out how many Pringles were used in the building.  Next, we shared our work in a Gallery Walk, had some friends teach us their strategies, and watch a video to find the answer!  Finally, we decided we HAD to try to build our own Pringle Ringle which was loads of fun!  Ask your first grader about his or her Pringle Ringle and if he or she was successful.

This is what a finished “Pringle Ringle” looks like. We wanted to figure out how many Pringles were used in creating it!
These are some noticings and questions we came up with after watching someone build a Pringle Ringle.
We tired to figure out how many Pringles were used to make the Pringle Ringle.
Beckett worked to figure out how many Pringles were used to build the Pringle Ringle.
Mathematicians took a gallery walk to see the thinking on the math posters created to prove the number of Pringles used on the Pringle Ringle.

Booksnaps: During our week off of school, I learned about something new (to me) called Booksnaps.  After hearing about Booksnaps, I knew that my first graders had to give it a try.  A Booksnap teaches others about a favorite part in a book and allows us to show our thinking to others.  Check out some of our first Booksnaps below and ask your first grader about some of the Booksnaps he or she has created.

We used this as a guide to begin learning about booksnaps.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here is a chart we created to remember the many steps needed to create a Booksnap.








Measuring: We began doing some work this week with measuring and working on accurate ways to measure objects using both standard and non standard units.  We will continue working on measuring over the next week or two and hope to become quite proficient in using our skills to measure a variety of objects.  Feel free to encourage your first grader to measure skills and analyze which objects are longer or shorter than others and how much longer or shorter – this one uses some of our addition and subtraction skills.

This is the rubric descriptor we use to guide us during our work with measuring.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hip Hop Dancer: We have the privilege of having one of the best music teachers at Robinson, Mrs. Kesler.  Mrs. Kesler always encourages children and staff to utilize their musical abilities in any shape or form and continued to do so this week when she invited a hip hop artist, Courtney Orlando, to visit and teach and Robinson.  We began the week with an all-school assembly to listen to Mr. Orlando and his band and then had the opportunity to learn hip hop from Mr. Orlando during our music class this week.  Ask your first grader what he or she learned from Mr. Orlando and check out a few of our photos below.

We kicked off our week with hip hop artist, Courtney Orlando, with an all-school assembly!
Students had the privilege to learn about hip hop from Mr. Orlando during music class.
We had fun with Mr. Orlando during music class too!

A Smile for You: It was wonderful to return to class last week after our Spring Break and get back into our regular routine of learning and enjoying one another each day.  Of course, that also means that we have fun teaching one another too!  The photo below makes me smile because I LOVE having kids teaching one another in class and this was one opportunity we had recently to do so.  Check out the photo and I hope it makes you happy to see us teaching each other in our learning community.  Thanks again for visiting our blog – have a great weekend!

Check out these mathematicians teaching one another!

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