Happy ALMOST Spring Break!

Happy Thursday! It has been a whirlwind of a week!  It is so difficult to believe that we are finishing up the third quarter of first grade!  I can still remember our first day of school and when we played with our food to create shapes and words.  This has been a great year so far and I look forward to continuing to learn with the first graders I have the privilege to spend my days with each day.  Thanks for visiting our blog this week.  I hope you enjoy seeing and reading about what we have been up to lately!

Table of Contents

  • Conversation Starters
  • MORE Africa Research
  • Africa Visitor – PAINTING
  • Robinson’s Art Show
  • Seeing Sea Turtles
  • A Smile for You!

Conversation Starters:

  • Your class has been reading many and many Curious George books over the past few weeks.  Tell me about the character Curious George and what you have learned bout him.  What are some of the problems he has had in the books your class has read and how have the problems been solved.
  • Your class has three rules that you created in order to promote learning.  This week, other students began wanting to add onto your classroom rules.  Tell me about the new rule and why it might be important.  Are there any other rules you think that your class should have?  Why or why not?

MORE Africa Research: We have continued to learn about Africa and our research is becoming more and more interesting each day.  This week, we began discussing ways to present our work to one another and how we would like to do so.  MANY of the children have been working on an iMovie trailer about Africa and their work is amazing!  Click here to see one of our iMovie trailers about Africa.  We have also made posters, books and Keynotes that are incredible!  Wait until you see more of their work . . . you will be very impressed!

Above are the choices each group had in order to present their learning.
Myles and his partner created a poster to teach us about pyramids in Africa.
As we worked on our Africa research, we continued to look at map to discover new things about Africa and our world.





Africa Visitor – PAINTING:  As you know, last week we had the privilege to spend time with Treasure, a man from Rwanda.  While he spoke to us, he told us how much he loves painting his pants, since he is an artist.  We were intrigued so we asked if he would come back and visit us so he could teach us how to paint our clothes.  Today was the day!  We had so much fun painting our clothes today and learning about a part of the Rwandan culture from our friend, Treasure.

Treasure taught us how to paint our clothes!
Look at these awesome painted clothes!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Robinson’s Art Show:  Our Art Teacher at Robinson, Mrs. Maldonado, is nothing short of spectacular!  We had our annual Art Show this past week and it was incredible how the work of ALL students at Robinson were represented and connected during the show.  If you came on Tuesday, you know EXACTLY what I am talking about.  If you didn’t have a chance to visit, check out a few peeks from the show and ask your first grader about his or her work!

Check out the theme of our Robinson Art Show!
Look at the AMAZING artwork from the Robinson Art Fair.
Look at the AMAZING artwork from the Robinson Art Fair.
Look at the AMAZING artwork from the Robinson Art Fair.
Look at the AMAZING artwork from the Robinson Art Fair.

Seeing Sea Turtles: As you might imagine, our class ALWAYS loves to learn about turtles since our class pet is a turtle!  This week, we had the opportunity to learn from an aquarium in North Carolina to find out more about all kinds of turtles.  We even got to see a sea turtle too!  Click here to watch a short video of the sea turtle in action!  We had so much fun and learned many new facts and pieces of information.  Below, you can see some of the notes that our first graders took during the Skype session and you will see that we definitely found out a lot about turtles!

Look at the sea turtle we got to meet during our Virtual Field Trip with an aquarium in North Carolina!

A Smile for You: There have been so many opportunities this past week to show you something that might make you smile.  I have found myself smiling very much and would LOVE to share them all with you!  As you know, I sent out an invitation for ALL families to come into our room and read to us or teach us something new.  This week, we had our first guest reader and it was WONDERFUL!  Check out the picture below and you will see a loving dad reading to our first grade class!  He is so amazing that he was HOLDING the Curious George stuffed animal we have as he read a Curious George book to our class.  Enjoy the photo and have a wonderful Spring Break with your first grader.

Amora’s dad came to read us a Curious George book today!



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