ncBbEkecALast week’s post was about how the kiddos in our room collaborated with one another in various ways during their week.  As I have thought about the past week in first grade, the highlights that immediately come to mind are Read with your Roadrunner (RWYR) on Friday morning and watching the children teach one another about history through the lens of an important person.  As you read the title of this post, you probably noticed that I emphasized the word “community.”  We truly are a community at Robinson School.  Being a neighborhood community was reinforced to me as I saw numerous families come into our school last Friday for RWYR, while our classroom community worked hard to teach one another about their history projects this week.  As you read this week’s blog post, focused on community, I hope you enjoy spending time with us and learning what we have been up to in first grade.  Thanks for visiting.

  • Conversation Starters
  • Read with your Roadrunner
  • Teaching One Another
  • A Smile for You

Conversation Starters:

  • You have been reading a new chapter book, Trouble in Pembroke, this week.  How do the dogs work together to look for the missing dog, Tundra?
  • As you listened to other first graders teach you about their important person, what new information did you learn?
  • You began talking about telling time during math this week, show me what a clock would look like with the following times: two o’clock, six thirty, five o’clock and nine thirty.

Read with your Roadrunner: This school year is the first one where we have had occasional Friday mornings in which we invite the Robinson community into our school.  It is incredible how many people (parents, siblings, grandparents, etc.) make their way to visit with their “Roadrunner” to spend time reading.  What a wonderful sight it is to see.  As I mentioned earlier, it’s beautiful to see members from our learning community come and visit and spend time with us.  Look below to check out a few pictures of our RWYR morning last week.

Here are some first graders during RWYR.
Here are two first graders during RWYR.
Check out there kiddos during RWYR.
Check out these kiddos during RWYR.
Here is another wonderful community member who came to read with us!
Here is another wonderful family member who came to read with us!
Finally, one more family member who visited us for RWYR.
Finally, one more amazing family member who visited us for RWYR.

Teaching One Another: Each first grader had a project due this week in which they were expected to teach the class about an important person.  Last week, each child received information about his or her project and what was expected to be shared when they taught the class.  While we still have one more day of presentations left, the previous four days have been incredible!  The kiddos are doing a magnificent job, as you will see in the photos below.  Good work first grade!

A Smile for You: I went back a few months to share a picture that continues to make me smile.  On the bus ride to the zoo in the fall, there were MANY excited first graders, as you might imagine.  I had the fortunate opportunity to sit next to some great kiddos, two of which are in the photo below.  Check it out and I hope it will make you smile too.  Thanks for reading our blog this week.  Have a wonderful weekend . . . AND break! 🙂

You are not seeing double . . . just two VERY happy twin sisters on their way to the zoo for our field trip.
You are NOT seeing double because you ARE seeing happy twin sisters on their way to the zoo for our field trip.

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