Jueves = Thursday

Happy third Thursday of November!  One week until Thanksgiving, huh?  I wonder if there are (were?) any turkeys out there who want(ed) to dress up like this little guy on the right.  Hee, hee.

I hope you have had a wonderful week so far and areThanksgiving01n gearing up for a great weekend before Turkey Day!  Below are the topics for you to enjoy in this blog post.

  • Conversation Starters
  • Nonfiction Writing 
  • Math
  • Class Blog
  • Common Core Connection
  • A Typical Day
  • Questions for You!

Conversation Starters:

  • Tell me about the learning you did this week during your math flex group?  How did you grow as a mathematician?
  • What have you learned about Medieval Times?
  • Tell me about your topic during your Writing Workshop.  What nonfiction text features are you going to use to clarify your topic for your reader?
  • How many books have you read for the 30-Book Challenge?  What can I do to help you achieve this goal by the end of fifth grade?
  • How did your Reading Edison go this week?  What strategies did you try to be more intentional about your thinking?
  • What happened in your chapter book this week?  What inferences have you made during the read aloud?

Nonfiction Writing :   We have launched a unit during our writing time where the children are composing a text about a topic he or she can inform others about.  This will be done without research while using various nonfiction text features.  Some of these features might include: captions, photographs, an introduction, a glossary, an index, a conclusion, close-ups, labels, special features, timelines, maps, and more.  There are so many options!  Check out our chart below that shows what our kiddos came up with for nonfiction text features.  Please stay tuned for information about our writing celebration!  This should go home in the next week or so.  Check out the photos below of when our authors were talking about their writing with a buddy and sharing their plans for their nonfiction text.

Here is a web of nonfiction text features that we came up with recently.
Here is a web of nonfiction text features that we came up with recently.
Look at Mia and MaCaleb having a writing conference about their nonfiction text ideas!
Look at Mia and MaCaleb having a writing conference about their nonfiction text ideas!
Here is another happy writing conference.
Here is another happy writing conference.
And yet another conference to guide one another as writers.
And yet another conference to guide one another as writers.

Math: This past week, we continued our math structure of having children work in different classrooms with a variety of teachers in order to learn about  addition and subtraction with fractions.  Tomorrow, we will “formally” conclude our learning about addition and subtraction with fractions, but I assure you we are not finished learning this important concept during our everyday learning.  Additionally, we will begin a unit about multiplying and dividing fractions next week and during the weeks that follow Thanksgiving.  Below are some pictures that my math group created to enhance our learning about fractions.


photo-16 photo-15

Here is a photo of a game we played.  The goal of the game was to find another person who had an equivalent fraction to yours.  It was fun!
Here is a photo of a game we played during math. The goal of the game was to find another mathematician with an equivalent fraction. It was fun!

Class Blog – http://www.kidblog.org/msturkensclass: As I am sure you have heard, our blog is up and running and the posts are coming furiously.   What fun!  Below is a photo of what our class blog site looks like, if you haven’t visited us yet.  Currently, your fifth grader is receiving at least one blog assignment each week.  Please check our site often and comment (bloggers LOVE comments) on as many posts as you would like!  Thanks for supporting our writing!


Common Core Connection: This week, your Common Core Connection links you to a website about the math standards in fifth grade.  What I really liked about the site is that you can read the standard and then click on a link that gives a sample problem that addresses the standard.  For me, the site makes the standards more “real” and understandable.  I hope it is the same for you. 🙂  Click here to check this out.

A Typical Day:  I just thought I’d share a photo of what it looks like in our classroom on a “typical” day of learning.  To me, it feels quite hectic and MESSY but I also have to get over that and know that there is great learning taking place simultaneously.  I assure you, at the end of the day we reorganize the room to ease the work for the afternoon custodians, but during the day there is A LOT happening in our space!


Questions for You! Please read the questions below and comment to us.  As always, thank you for reading!

  • If you were to write a nonfiction text about something you know about without needing to research, what would you write about and what nonfiction text features would you use to communicate the information to your reader?
  • If you were going to create a game to learn about fractions, what kind of game would you play?  Tell us the rules.

Please comment about what you're thinking!

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