It’s ANOTHER Thursday!

Here we are again on a Thursday.  🙂 We continue to work hard in fifth grade!  Below are the topics in this blog to prove it!  Hee, hee.images

  • Conversation Starters
  • Metro Theater
  • Chapter Book: Wonder
  • Multiplication Strategies
  • Writing Celebration
  • Sneak Peek: Book Challenge
  • Halloween Party Information
  • Common Core Connection
  • Questions for YOU!

Conversation Starters:

  • The kids at Robinson saw a play last week by Metro Theater called New Kid.  What was the play about and how will the message from the play change your life?
  • Tell me about the Writing Celebration today.  What was your personal narrative about that you shared?
  • Did you enjoy celebrating your writing with your class?  Why or why not?
  • What are two formulas you can use to find the volume of a rectangular prism?  How are these formulas related to one another?
  • Tell me about the Iroquois and something you learned about them this week.
  • What are the norms in your classroom?  Why are norms important to follow?

Metro TheaterLast Friday, Robinson have the privilege to watch a play by Metro Theater.  The play was called New Kid and was quite an amazing story.  Ask your fifth grader to tell you about it and what he or she learned from the play.




Chapter Book: Wonder:  We continue to read this amazing book and learn oodles of information from August and the other important characters.  Here’s a book trailer for the story that might make you interested in reading it yourself!  Enjoy!

Multiplication Strategies: We have worked hard at becoming proficient at multiplying 2-digit and 3-digit numbers and it is HARD WORK!  Earlier this week, I sent home a sheet with your fifth grader to assist them with their strategies because it can get very confusing.  Look at the photo below.  (I am sorry it’s so small . . . email me if you want a copy you can see better.)   Please continue to practice these strategies with your child.  In particular, be sure that your fifth grade mathematician knows how to do the traditional algorithm.  Thanks!


Writing Celebration: Today was our Writing Celebration and it was a spectacular event!  Seriously.  Thank you for all of the families that were able to celebrate with us.  Each fifth grader shared a personal narrative with either the whole-group, small group or both! 🙂    We were even fortunate enough to have Mrs. Puzzo’s third grade visit us to listen to a few of our incredible stories.  Lucky us!  Check out the pictures below to get a glimpse into our celebration.


photo-17photo-10 photo-16 photo-14

photo-13 photo-12 photo-11Reading: RAZ Kids: During our Reading Workshop, we do a variety of activities to strengthen our reading skills.  One of these activities is reading on our iPads.  We use a website called RAZ Kids to read books that are “just right” for us.  Your child knows how to access this in our classroom, but I want to make sure you can access it at home as well.  If you are interested in doing so (and I hope you are!), click here for the link.  When you get to the page, type in the username as: 203Turken and then your child can choose his or her name to begin reading.  When your child logs on, it is possible for him or her to access many books.  Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you supervise to make sure that your child is reading books that are “just right,” not too hard or too easy.  Let me know if you have any questions.

Sneak Peek: Book Challenge: Next week, your child will receive a book challenge for the second, third and fourth quarter of fifth grade.  Below is an example of what the challenge will look like.  There will be a few tweaks with the genres and numbers based on what I believe is appropriate for our classroom, but this is the general idea.  Also, this video from another school gives you a better idea of the variety of books that your child will get to choose.

30 bk

Halloween Party Information: Believe it or not . . . it’s time to start thinking about Halloween.  Below is information from the families that are helping to coordinate a party for all three fifth grade classes.  If you click on the orange information box below, it becomes larger and MUCH easier to read.  Please contact them if you have any questions.

halloween party

Common Core Connection: Guess what?!?  I have information for you this week about the Common Core in Missouri!  🙂  If you’ve read my last two updates, both links have been from New York State.  This week, I found an interesting article that was written last month about the implementation of the Common Core in our very own state.  Click here to read more about how this happened and the feelings people have about these standards.

Questions for YOU! So, I’ve been writing a lot about what we’ve been doing to learn and grow.  I am curious if you would be BOLD and courageous to share answers to any or all of the following questions so we can learn from you.  Thanks for sharing with us! 🙂

  • What have you been doing lately to learn and grow?
  • What specific goals you are working toward these days?
  • What specific things do you do to work toward these goals?

4 thoughts on “It’s ANOTHER Thursday!

  1. 1.I use the math sheets my teacher give to our class.
    2.My goal is to get to be a better speller and to get in to the 1000’s on the S.R.I..
    3.I try to read a lot and try to look in the dictionary when I think I have spelled a word rough.

    1. Zoe . . . you are amazing! I am so happy to hear that you have wonderful goals to help you grow and learn. This is just another reason why you are an incredible fifth grader. We will work together to help you reach goal #2, ok? See you next week!

  2. Hi Ms. Turken,

    Because I work in the Book Production department of an international health publisher, I use math everyday when I tally the number of revisions received from the author, proofreader, and editor. Right now I’m working on a chapter that has at total of 304 revisions! If I have 3 hours left to finish 150 revisions, how many do I need to complete each hour?

    1. Dear Ms. Waters,
      Thanks for your great math problem. We will work on solving it and get back to you when we do. Thanks for your feedback! See you soon!
      Ms. Turken

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