¡Pobre Peces!

photo-9¡Pobre Peces! = Poor Fish!

I have to start off with one of the most eventful (and disturbing!) parts of our week.  We fed our turtle, Bradford, two fish.  Let me explain why and then I’ll tell you what happened.   I have visited several pet stores since the beginning of school to learn about Bradford and what he needs to live a happy and healthy life in our classroom.

Last week, when I was inquiring about the algae that had grown in the tank, the aquatic specialist at the store told me that Bradford needed more protein. (This had nothing to do with the algae . . . just something that would benefit him.)  He suggested feeding him night crawlers or minnows.  I cannot do night crawlers – because I think they are gross  – so I opted for fish.  I asked a very generous parent in our classroom if she could get these for us and graciously, she did.

When the fish arrived, they were much bigger than I had anticipated (you can see on the bottom, right side of the photo above), but to me that meant more protein.  After a discussion about the fish, we put them in the aquarium for Bradford to eat.  After about an hour or so, Bradford took his first bite.  Eventually, we noticed that the fish were gone and then parts of the two fish were back!  Gross!

We were all pretty disgusted with this process and thankfully, Anthony E. offered to get the body parts out using craft sticks and a plastic cup!  What a wonderful blessing fifth graders are to me!  In conclusion, I will not be feeding fish to Bradford again, but will search for a protein supplement that will be more suitable for him to eat and less gross for us to watch. 🙂  Moving on . . .

Happy October!  I hope you’ve had a great week!  Here are the following topics in this blog post.  Enjoy!

  • Conversation Starters
  • Math Rotations
  • Chapter Book: Wonder
  • Author Visit: Brandon Mull
  • Robinson Night at Culver’s
  • Personal Narrative Writing
  • Common Core Connection
  • Gratitude

Conversation Starters:

  • What have you added to your personal narrative this week?  Why did you add those parts?
  • What is a flash forward or a flashback in writing?  Why might an author add flashbacks or flash forwards to his or her story?
  • Show me the partial products strategy to multiply 23 x 46.
  • Which basic facts do you need to work on most?  How can I help you with this?
  • Which math rotation is your favorite?  Why?
  • What did you learn from the author visit with Brandon Mull?  Why is this important to you?
  • What have you learned about the culture of the Cahokians?
  • Tell me about the ways you respected other fifth graders this week.
  • Tell me what you are going to do better next week.

Math Rotations: During our math time, we have several rotations.  Below is an example of what one day of math rotations look like.  (There is a listing of the groups on a row across the top, but I didn’t include that for confidentiality reasons.)  However, there are several activities going on at once and a lot of great math learning.  As you can see, our math time is pretty busy, huh?

math grouping2

Currently, we are focusing on efficient strategies for multiplying two-digit and three-digit numbers.  One strategy we have used is called partial products.  Click here to see how to multiply using the partial products strategy.  Children are welcome to use any efficient strategy, as long as they understand the math behind their work.  Below are some pictures from our math rotations this week.




41ib2Ct9E5L._AA190_Chapter Book: Wonder:  All I can say so far is that this book is amazing.  I read Wonder this summer, and was in awe of the multiple, powerful messages that come out of this story.  We are only a few days into this book and the children are loving it already!  Please ask your child about this book and what questions he or she has written in his or her  Reading Journal.

Author Visit: Brandon Mull:  Mr. Mull was incredible when he visited Robinson on Wednesday.  The children were engaged and excited to hear a professional author speak to them.  It was really exciting!  Below are a few pictures from his time at Robinson.

Mr. Mull showed the children a map of everywhere he travels to speak about his books.
Mr. Mull showed the children a map of everywhere he travels to speak about his books.
One way writers get ideas is from their everyday lives.  Mr. Mull got the idea for a part of one of his books from this sign he saw on a road trip one day!
One way writers get ideas is from their everyday lives. Mr. Mull got the idea for a part of one of his books from this sign he saw on a road trip one day!
We got to hear 5 tips from becoming an author from Mr. Mull.  I particularly liked this one!
We got to hear 5 tips from becoming an author from Mr. Mull. I particularly liked this one!

Robinson Night at Culver’s:  Oh dear!  What patience the customers had on Tuesday evening when the staff at Robinson served food for a PTO fundraiser.  All I can say is that my  personal strengths were not utilized well that evening because I had such a challenging time finding the correct tables to deliver food to each time!  Argh.  Thank you for everyone who came out and thank goodness for laughter. 🙂


Personal Narrative Writing: Your child has continued to work hard on his or her personal narrative writing piece this past week.  We are finishing up the pieces tomorrow (Friday) and moving onto a different study during writing next week.   Check out some of our author’s below.  They definitely work hard!

Boy Zoe K. is working hard on her writing piece!
Zoe K. is working hard on her writing piece!
Look at Lilly go!  And apparently, it's a little chilly in our room these days. :)
Look at Lilly go!  And apparently, it’s a little chilly in our room these days. 🙂

Common Core Connection: I want to continue to provide you with resources to learn further about the rigorous Common Core Standards that we are using at Robinson.  It is meaty and incredibly beneficial for the children in order to become more prepared for success in the world – today and in the future.  Please click here to read a great document about the Common Core.  Yes, I know it’s a document referring to the state of New York, but I believe it explains things well and in a language we can all understand.  I would suggest that you take particular note of the key ELA and Math shifts – on pages 6 and 7.  Enjoy learning!

Gratitude: Thank you for sticking with me throughout this long post!  I truly appreciate your support with wanting to read about what is happening throughout the day for your fifth grader.  Have a wonderful, fall weekend with your family.  See you soon!

2 thoughts on “¡Pobre Peces!

  1. Wow! A lot was packed into one week, that’s for sure! Any anyone in Ms. Turken’s class who would say, “I don’t know what to write about,” better think again and remember “The Day Bradford Ate the Fish.” Thanks for including such fun pictures and resources. Really like the youtube video on partial products and the CCSS document.

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