Ropes Course and More!

Ropes Course and More = Curso de Cuerdas y Mas

What a great day we had last Friday at the Ropes Course.  But before you read on, look below to see what information is included in this blog post!

  • Ropes Course Overview
  • Conferences
  • iPad Minis
  • Back to School Picnic
  • Fifth Grade Quote
  • Ropes Course Photos

Ropes Course Overview: Like I mentioned, the field trip to Westchester to do the Ropes Course was great.  Each fifth grader was put into a group with other children and rotated among stations to attempt tasks needing teamwork and strategy work to complete.  I had the opportunity to lead the station called “The Postman’s Walk,” which was really fun to observe.  Here’s a picture of what this station looked like.

Here is one of the stations at the course, The Postman’s Walk.

One thing that I think was particularly beneficial about the Ropes Course is that it allowed students to get to know children in the other two fifth grade classes, as well as to get to know children in their own class a little bit better.  In addition, they were encouraged to take part in physical challenges and problem solve together.  Many of the stations were challenging and pushed the children beyond their comfort level – a great place to be for learning!  I hope that everyone had a great time at the Ropes Course and I look forward to seeing how this opportunity contributes to positive growth for the fifth graders at Robinson.

Conferences: This week, you will receive a form from your child confirming a conference date and time in the next few weeks.  Please return this form to let me know if these dates work for you or not.  In addition, you will see questions attached to the confirmation form.  I hope you will take time beforehand to think about these questions so they can be a part of our conversation about your child at the conference.

UnknowniPad Minis: This is the week that many children have been waiting for.  We are officially getting iPad Minis for each child in our classroom!!!  The expected arrival date is Wednesday, September 4 and I cannot wait to introduce your fifth grader to this exciting piece of technology.  Your child will be able to bring the iPad Mini home after first quarter.  Please know that this will be an amazing week for learning and exploration on a new piece of technology!

Back to School Picnic: This Thursday, September 5, is the Robinson Back to School Picnic.  The picnic will take place at Robinson from 6:00pm until 7:30pm.  Please feel free to stop by and visit with our Robinson community.  We look forward to seeing you!quote2

Fifth Grade Quote: I’m not sure if you saw this amazing quote from Jordyn F. last week, however, below is another amazing quote that one of our fifth graders created!  Wow!  These kids are amazing and so thoughtful!  I hope you enjoy these and they challenge your thinking too!

Ropes Course Photos: And, last but not least, below are some photos from the Ropes Course last Friday.  One of the incredible parent volunteers walked around and took several photos of the children working together and taking part in the ropes course.  Enjoy!

The "official" sign for the Ropes Course!
The “official” sign for the Ropes Course!  Don’t worry – we made sure to follow all of the rules!
Some very excited fifth graders after getting off the bus at Westchester!
Some very excited fifth graders after getting off the bus at Westchester!
One of the stations at the Ropes Course!  Swing on those tires!
One of the stations at the Ropes Course!  Swing on those tires!
Supporting one another and making sure everyone is safe!
Supporting one another and making sure Cheyenne is safe!
Listening to instructions and getting ready to work hard together!
Using encouraging words to make sure everyone does their best!
And finally . . . some MORE hard work!
And finally . . . some MORE teamwork and really hard work!

Thanks for reading this post and sticking with me . . . I know there was a lot of information.  I hope you have a great week learning and soaking in the many blessings in your life.  See you soon! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Ropes Course and More!

  1. LOVED reading your reflections from your first few days of school. How funny that at first I was thinking going to the Ropes Course so early in the year was going to be tricky; looking at your reflection and listening to the feedback, I think it was actually the PERFECT time for the Ropes Course. It really set the stage. Sorry about the 100+ heat…. 🙂

    Can’t wait to hear about the minis!

    1. Yes, I loved the Ropes Course. It was so fun to see our fifth graders in a different environment and working as a team on each challenge. I definitely vote for having this early in the year from now on . . . great team building!

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