La Casa Abierta


La Casa Abierta = Open House

(For those of you who don’t know why I am writing in Spanish, it’s because I spent 10 months living in Ecuador this past year.  My Spanish is definitely not fluent, but decided now is a great opportunity to teach a few words and phrases to you!  I hope you enjoy the snippet of language learning, as you may see more in future posts. 🙂  Also, if you want to check out my blog from when I was in Ecuador, here you go:

We had La Casa Abierta on Thursday evening and it was wonderful!  I have to admit, leading up to the evening, I was feeling a bit exhausted and not so sure I’d have the energy I was hoping for when students and their families arrived.  However, a short nap in the afternoon did just the trick.  Yay!

When students began arriving, I felt energized and had a great time talking with families . . . and students!  I emphasize the “student” part because I have taught younger children in the past and didn’t often have substantial conversations with them.  However, 10 and 11 year-olds were conversational and quite enjoyable to speak with!  What fun!

During the evening, some of the student tasks included: writing on the ActivBoard, sorting school supplies, and selecting their table seats.  None of these are extraordinary tasks for the evening, but the students seemed to enjoy it.  Plus, after the students completed their tasks, it gave me time to get to talk to each student, which I thoroughly enjoyed!  Here are two pictures from the evening for you to see.

photo-2 copy

photo copy 2

One last thing I’d like for you to note is the transition that took place in our classroom from a few weeks ago, until the evening of La Casa Abierta.  The first picture (below) is what things looked like when I arrived for the first time to work in my room.  As you can see, there is just a pile of stuff in the middle of the room.  Oftentimes, this part is overwhelming for me – especially in a new classroom – because it’s hard to decide where to put everything and what furniture arrangement will work best for my future students’ learning.  The second picture (below the first) was two and a half weeks later, after much thought and time in the classroom.  Hopefully, you notice an improvement (if you don’t, maybe it’s best not to tell me) and see that the finished product looks like a more welcoming learning environment than the first.  It feels that way to me, so I hope it will for you too!

photo copy 4

photo copy 3Have a great last two days before returning to our school year this week.  I also hope that Tuesday will start a string of great days for us both to learn and grow.  Sleep well my friends and see you on Tuesday!

10 thoughts on “La Casa Abierta

  1. Ms. Turken, I’m amazed. Did you do all the painting yourself? It looks like a great environment to learn in. Good luck on the new year! I know the kids will grow with you as their leader.

    1. Keno – thank you for the sweet words! I did paint by myself, but I promise it wasn’t that daunting! Feel free to subscribe to this blog – but no pressure. Thanks for the well wishes for the school year. Keep in touch!

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