A NEW Friend in Fifth Grade!

I am so excited to introduce you to Bradford, a new addition to our fifth grade classroom.  He was just added to our class this weekend, and I really think you will like him.

Let me tell you a few things about Bradford.

He is calm, friendly, relaxed, loves to swim, and enjoys spending time soaking in the rays from the sun.  While he is sometimes shy, he is an excellent listener.  He also wears a “jacket” that protects him from the rain and wind.  It seems as though he likes to be prepared for any weather changes.

I do want you to know that there is something a little surprising about Bradford.  He has the longest nails I have ever seen!  When you meet him, you will have to look at his nails!  But, please try not to make it too obvious because you don’t want him to feel self-conscious, right?

What do you think about him so far?

Do you want to meet Bradford?  I hope so!

Oh, and by the way . . . Bradford is una tortuga.  Una tortuga is a turtle.

Below is a picture of him on his first day in our classroom!

Look!  He’s even checking out some reading skill books!

I can tell he’s going to be a great learner –  just like you. 🙂


3 thoughts on “A NEW Friend in Fifth Grade!

  1. Bradford is divine – have you thought about what you’ll do with him on weekends or breaks? I wonder if Hannah is ready to be a big sister? 🙂 P.S. how is walking to Robinson going? hope you had a fantastic first day!

    1. Hi Leah! Thanks for your comment. Bradford is fine on the weekends, but as for winter break, I don’t have a plan yet. I’ll have to ponder that one. And, I am loving walking to school . . . thanks for asking! It sometimes it a bit toasty in the afternoons, but that’s ok so far. Sometimes I hitch a ride with another teacher or just tough it out. How are YOU doing? I miss you . . .

  2. So glad to hear your first week went so smoothly – though not surprised since it’s you working with Robinson kiddos, so perfect recipe for success 🙂 I am finally coming up for air considering I just got a new job on Tuesday! I’ve been working like a madwoman ever since and here, getting into a building after hours is a BIG deal (like calling the security office downtown and letting them know your id every time you enter and exit the bldg!), but getting the hang of it. I am hoping to resume my old classroom blog for the new year. Excited also because I have a new teammate like me, who was hired at the same time as me – we have a huge 1st grade group, so there will be 4 teachers with about 20 students each. My parents, Sunil and Hana have met nearly all the staff, so it’s off to a great start. Luckily we begin after Labor Day so I still have some time to do last minute tidying and planning! Miss you and Robinson so much. Please send my best to all and will keep on reading about your adventures! Have a super second week!

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